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About Van Remmen UV Techniek

• Our company was established in 1999 by Ton van Remmen, and currently (2015) has a staff of 17. We have all the good characteristics of a family business: dedicated employees who cooperate gladly and effectively, short lines, sound professional knowledge, flexible and solution-oriented. Our team is a balanced mix of ‘old hands’ and young employees who bring in their up-to-date knowledge from their professional education. By now we have delivered more than 10,000 systems, to multinationals such as Coca Cola and BP as well as private swimming pool owners.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek is a specialist in durable and high-quality UV disinfection systems. We design and produce both standard systems and custom-made solutions, ‘Made in Holland’. We often develop specific and unique applications in cooperation with customers.

• Our systems find widespread application in water treatment and surface treatment in a large number of markets, such as drinking water supply, wastewater treatment, swimming pools and fountains, maritime & offshore, food industry, process industry and the agricultural sector.

• We have our own test facility to conduct research, either for customers or for our own development work or in the framework of research projects carried out together with knowledge institutions.

• Since 2013 Van Remmen UV Techniek has its own stainless steel production facility, which has manufactured custom-made products of stainless steel for over 20 years.

• Our systems are distributed nationally and internationally by a network of dealers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This allows us to guarantee short delivery times and quick service.

• Over the years we have developed close ties with partners companies in various fields, including laboratory analysis and wastewater treatment.

Sustainability is more than just a marketing tool or buzzword for us. UV is inherently a sustainable technique, as no chemicals are added and no by-products are created. Moreover, our unique reactor design and the use of low-pressure systems result in a minimal energy consumption per quantity treated (W/m³). Consequently, our motto is ‘Ultraviolet is green’.

• But our care for the living environment is also reflected in our business premises, built with sustainable materials in the shape of a Dutch barn. It is situated in the rural area of the IJssel valley, near Wijhe in Overijssel Province. Our site is immediately adjacent to the Boerhaar water extraction area, where we have converted the surrounding arable land into natural scenery by planting it with 6,000 trees. Next to our building there will soon be a charging pole for electric cars. During your visit your car will be cleanly ‘refilled’. If you come by train, we will be glad to pick you up from the station in Wijhe (connections with Zwolle and Deventer, every 15 minutes).


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