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Agricultural sector

In greenhouse horticulture UV-C disinfection is used traditionally in ‘ebb-and-flow systems’. In view of the low UV transmittance, so-called thin-film reactors are used for this purpose. We are proud to have designed a system for this in cooperation with Hortimax, a major player in this market. Hortimax is  among the top three suppliers of process automation in horticulture, in which they have been active for more than half a century now.

Aquaculture is rapidly growing throughout the world, in response to the large demand for fish and other sea food. UV disinfection is used especially for preventing and curing fish diseases. A relatively recent development is the farming of seaweed, for animal feed, human food or non-food applications.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek works for the agriculture and horticulture industry and aquaculture (fish farming).

• We supply systems for the treatment of surface water to be used in agriculture for irrigation purposes.

• In this sector we cooperate with Wageningen UR and TNO. Our input of knowledge is aimed to keep the horticulture industry permanently up to date in the field of UV disinfection and oxidation.

• Our customers include Hortimax and Danvan.



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