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And why Van Remmen UV Techniek?

• The UV disinfection systems of Van Remmen make use of low-pressure UV lamps, which feature a long life and a high output, even at the end of their life. These lamps have optimum dosage distribution and are four times more efficient than medium-pressure lamps.

• Van Remmen UV reactors have unique properties and have been designed in-house for an optimum flow pattern. This results in highly effective disinfection, at the lowest energy consumption per quantity treated (W/m3).

• All electronic and other components of our UV systems are produced in-house. Moreover, Van Remmen UV Techniek has its own stainless steel production facility, in Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands. So: Made in Holland.

• Our systems are distributed nationally and internationally through a network of dealers. This allows us to guarantee short delivery times and quick service.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek has its own R&D department and is actively involved in innovative research projects together with knowledge institutions.

• Since our establishment in 1999 we have delivered more than 10,000 UV systems to numerous customers, from Shell and BP to private swimming pool owners in various areas of application, from maritime & offshore to the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the agricultural sector.


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