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Custom-made equipment and own production Made in Holland

• Years of pioneering and wanting to know how things work and how to improve them, have made us into specialists with extensive experience. This has resulted in several ranges of systems for specific applications or customers. Furthermore, many of our  customers feel the need for a partner who advises on and assists in finding a custom-made solution for any disinfection problem.

• As a producer of UV equipment we manufacture all electronic and other components that make up the UV system in-house.  Moreover, since 2013 Van Remmen UV Techniek has its own stainless steel production facility, in Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands. A magnificent regional company that has manufactured custom-made products of stainless steel for over 20 years. A reliable, competent partner for a crucial component of our systems.

• As we have the entire production process in our own hands, we can offer custom-made solutions quickly and adequately.


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