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• Our systems are distributed nationally and internationally through a network of dealers.

• As a dealer of Van Remmen UV Techniek you represent a company with a sound reputation in the world of UV disinfection. Since our establishment in 1999 we have sold over 10,000 UV systems worldwide. Practice has proved that our systems are of a high quality, reliable, low- maintenance and have a low energy consumption.

• With Van Remmen you can offer a wide range of certified and validated systems, geared to the specific requirements of customers and areas of application. Our systems and components are produced in-house: Made in Holland!

• Our delivery assurance rate is still rising; by now we can deliver our systems for 98% on time and in the right place..

• As a dealer you will work together with our enthusiastic team of dedicated professionals. In our company the lines are short and requests are responded to immediately. You can expect intensive support from our sales and service departments. Our marketing tools will strengthen your own promotional campaigns.

• For training, advice and research you can always call upon Van Remmen UV Techniek. For periodic refresher courses and retraining, we invite you to visit our ‘Van Remmen Academy’.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek has its own R&D department and is actively involved in research projects with knowledge institutions. As a result, you are assured of first-hand knowledge on innovations and developments in this field of expertise.

• To realise our ambitions we have to place high requirements on our dealers. We expect, for instance, that you are just as enthusiastic about our products as we are. You have market and product knowledge, you are ‘UV-minded’, and you focus on sustainable solutions. Flawless service to the end user is a matter of course for you. You are creditworthy and have sufficient commercial ‘power’ to cover a geographical area of some extent. You have built up a reputation as a reliable partner in the market. We prefer to enter into a commitment for at least three years. In this way a long-lasting relationship can be developed, on the business level as well as the personal level, to the benefit of both parties.


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