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Distribution and servicing

• Our systems are distributed nationally and internationally through a network of dealers. This allows us to guarantee short delivery times and quick service.

• A few standard units are also sold through fitters and installers.

• For some market segments and applications we have OEM customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers, ‘Made in Holland’). For these customers we have developed, alone or in cooperation with the customer, specific UV systems entirely geared to their equipment and specific preferences. An example of such a joint development process is the Surface Cassette for a filling unit for fresh produce manufactured by Ecolan in Sweden.

• Renowned dealers are happy to do business with us. Our systems and components are reliable and require little maintenance. For training, advice and research they can always call upon Van Remmen UV Techniek. Dealers, fitters, installers and service mechanics are welcome at the ‘Van Remmen Academy’ for periodic refresher courses and retraining.


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