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Drinking water supply

From an apartment building in London to a offshore platform in the North Sea: there is no place where drinking water is of such a perfect quality as in the Netherlands. For us, being a Dutch company, this creates obligations and high expectations with our international customers. A great challenge, which we are glad to take up on a daily basis!

UV disinfection has been used in drinking water supply for many decades and has proved to be a highly reliable and extremely safe technique. Depending on the country, disinfection takes place centrally or decentrally. A major advantage is that no chemicals or other substances are added to the drinking water and no by-products are created.

• Our UV systems are used not only in installations for drinking water production, but also in drinking water supply systems in buildings. Van Remmen UV Techniek supplies equipment with capacities from 0 to 2,000 m3/hr and especially up to 300 m3/hr. Our equipment is validated and certified according to the European drinking water standard NEN 14897 and bears the NIPH, WRAS and KIWA ATA quality marks, and of course it meets CE and EMC requirements.

• Thanks to its unique design our system has the lowest cost price per m3 of drinking water treated (W/m3).

• Apart from traditional disinfection we also offer solutions for removing organic micropollutants and medicine residues by means of AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) and UV in combination with peroxide or ozone.

• Our customers include municipal water companies in Norway, Sweden and England.




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