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Latest news

Read our two new publications about UV products for the food sector on
Dutch Food Innovations website. Click here for our V-Series
and click here for the DNRI-ACAO.

DEMEAU Project

Ton van Remmen has been interviewed about a specifically designed UV reactor for Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) in the DEMEAU project that 'Van Remmen UV Techniek" took paart in. The interview was part of the DEMEAU newsletter and is available at: http://demeau-fp7.eu/sites/files/Demeau_newsletter2015_final.pdf 

NEW: Surface disinfection cassettes

Surface hygiene plays an important role in particular the Food and Beverage sector. Disinfecting surfaces prevents microbiological contamination and extends the shelf life of products. Our years of knowledge and experience with customized products for surface hygiene we now applied in a standard range of surface disinfection cassettes.

Project news: UV-AOP disinfection

For an international chemical company, we recently delivered an UV-AOP system. During the production of insecticides, the waste water of our customer becomes contaminated with cyanide. For the degradation of this cyanide Van Remmen UV Techniek developed a system based on a Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP). The preliminary results of this pilot project are very promising for further application.


New corporate movie

Ton van Remmen: "With this new corporate film we want to show that our products are made in Holland, from the initial idea to production and logistics. It illustrates what we stand for: sustaina-bility, quality and good relationship with our customers. 



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