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Maritime & offshore

Even on the water we are ‘like a fish in the water’. A compact and low-maintenance technique such as UV is eminently suitable for application on ships and offshore installations.

We supply systems for drinking water supply and wastewater treatment, and we were one of the first suppliers with generally accepted certificates.

• For wastewater treatment we provide the last step in the overall treatment process. Our UV systems for wastewater treatment are IMO certified.

• In a drinking water supply system the water is distributed from a buffer tank to the different offtake points on a ship or platform. To prevent contamination of the pipe network, UV is installed after the water pressure system.

• We supply NIPH certified systems for drinking water supply. With a unique and robust design that has proved itself in practice and has the lowest cost price per m3 of drinking water treated (W/m3).

• Our systems can easily be adapted to supplementary requirements on ships according to NORSOK/ATEX, with regard to cabling, welding, material certificates, coatings, flange dimensions, etc. With our flexible organisation and customer-oriented employees we will be glad to advise and assist you in finding a suitable solution for any situation.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek is also involved in various international projects in the fields of Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) and Ballast Water Management (BWM).

• For the maritime & offshore industry Van Remmen UV Techniek cooperates with the Danish firm G&O (Gertsen & Olufsen), Holland Marine Services Amsterdam (HMSA), NorWater and other companies.

• Our track record includes projects for Maersk, BP and several navies.



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