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Process industry

Shortage of suitable process water and the cost of purification and discharge stimulate the industry to close cycles, to reduce water consumption and to reuse water. Van Remmen UV Techniek assists in supplying ‘water made to measure’ through numerous options for application of UV within the process industry.

The process industry features a very broad diversity of water flows and water qualities, such as wastewater, chemically/microbiologically contaminated water, cooling water, product water, etc.

• In the pharmaceutical industry, hygiene is obviously of crucial importance. We supply systems for disinfection of fluids, surfaces and packaging materials.

• A discharge permit for wastewater involves requirements to both the microbiological and the chemical water quality. For this purpose we use UV disinfection and AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process). In some countries, e.g. in Russia, UV is used very often in wastewater treatment, as disinfection is  obligatory. Apart from disinfection we also offer solutions for removal of organic micropollutants, and medicine residues by means of AOP, or UV in combination with peroxide or ozone.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek participates in the European DEMEAU project (Demonstration project on promising technologies that tackle emerging pollutants in water and wastewater). As a result, we are actively involved in the further development and demonstration of UV oxidation technology. In this field we cooperate with research institute KWR and water company Dunea.

• Our customers include Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals and Dopharma.


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