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Swimming pools and fountains

Van Remmen UV Techniek has played a pioneering role in the water treatment of swimming pools, immersion baths and other basins in the recreation industry.

We have translated our long-standing experience into a sophisticated design for both private and public swimming pools.

• We participate in the project Dutch Innovative Pool (DIPool) from Delft University of Technology, which aims at a ‘chlorine-free swimming pool’.

• Improvement of the water quality to a bound available chlorine content below the 0.3 mg/l threshold (or even lower) greatly contributes to safety and comfort. In view of the savings in water and energy it is a sustainable approach, with investments being earned back within 1 or 2 years.

• Our full flow approach is a complete treatment that results in a very low level of bound chlorine to meet any present and future regulations. We know from experience that it improves air quality to such an extent that employee absence due to illness may decline by as much as 50%. With Van Remmen UV  systems all bacteria are killed, and Legionella, Giardia and Cryptosporidium do not stand a chance. Your water is microbiologically completely safe and healthy, for visitors as well as employees.

• Our customers include owners of public and private swimming pools, wellness institutions and fountains.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek has been involved in a pilot project that is part of a programme called ‘Rotterdam Green Buildings’. The City of Rotterdam has embarked upon a sustainability enhancement programme for 9 municipal swimming pools, which should lead to a 34% reduction of energy costs.


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