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UV systems for surface treatment

• For quick and dry disinfection of surfaces, such as conveyor belts or packaging materials, we supply a variety of systems. They distinguish themselves by making use of high-power UV lamps, resulting a very high outputs.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek also provides custom-made solutions. In such cases we can carry our measurements and analyses at the production site or in our own test facilities. For Solardew, for instance, we have developed a ‘disinfection box’ for conducting experiments during the development of  simple, solar-powered water treatment systems for developing countries.

• We supply low-pressure amalgam lamps, with a substantially higher light output than conventional lamps. The high UV radiation dose makes shorter treatment times possible.

• Van Remmen UV Techniek uses calibrated UV sensors, with which the profile of the light output under a lamp can be determined. This enables us to optimise the lamp position, both in standard systems and in custom-made solutions.

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