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Why UV?

• Ultraviolet light (UV) has a shorter wavelength in the spectrum than visible light, so it cannot be seen with the human eye. The UV spectrum lies between 200 and 400 nanometres. The so-called UV-C part of this (wavelength of around 254 nanometres) is capable of damaging micro-organisms irreparably. The high energy of UV-C breaks down the DNA and thus destroys the genetic properties of the micro-organisms, which prevents them from further multiplication. Therefore UV is a highly effective disinfection method.

• A major advantage of disinfection with UV compared to other methods is that no chemicals are added that may affect taste, odour and colour. Moreover, no harmful by-products are created.

• Since mid 20th application as an effective, reliable, robust and sustainable method. It works quickly, is safe and simple to use and easy to maintain.

• Although it is a proven technique, the development of UV disinfection has definitely not come to a halt. Renowned knowledge institutions in the Netherlands and abroad carry out innovative research on further reduction of energy consumption, combinations with other technologies and new applications.  century UV disinfection has amply proved its worth in various areas of


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